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  • In-ground pool opening: Removing the cover & circulating the pool water is just a start. Having a Stuart Bauer Pool Technician treat the water and inspect your pool equipment will help insure you of a fun filled season. We offer various pricing options for those on a budget.
  • In-ground pool closing: Putting your pool to bed the correct way will save you headaches come spring. We offer various pricing options for this service.
  • Weekly service available. Let Bauer Pools take care of testing your water, brushing your pool walls and cleaning out those skimmer baskets. We can do it all!
  • Estimates for liner replacements
  • Estimates for safety covers
  • Equipment need replacing? Motor becoming noisy and not sure what the problem is then give us a call to see if it should be replace. Seeing sand on the pool floor could be issues inside the tank. Our technicians can inspect your pool equipment to see what needs repaired or replaced.
  • Heater installation: Warmer water is always more fun! Take advantage of our energy efficient Heaters. Call to set up an appointment.
  • Review pool operations. We will instruct new homeowner how to operate pool equipment. This is available to anyone that just purchased a home with a existing pool. Pool must be operating.
  • Water testing: Green Pools are never fun to swim in. Bring your water in to our retail store. We can run a custom analysis advising you on chemicals needed to keep your water clean and free of algae.
  • Pool Inspections (pools must be operating). We will inspect main drains, suction outlets, and other safety issues making sure your pool meets the new standards passed by the U.S. Congress with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.

Losing water? Stuart Bauer Pools and Spas, Inc.

There may be a tear or puncture in your liner. Our certified diver will dye test your pool and either patch or recommend a liner replacement. This service is offered year-round so you can depend on Bauer Pools, Inc. to give you the best possible service.

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We carry products from Pentair, ProTeam, BioGuard, Hayward, and Polaris.

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