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  • In-ground pool opening: Removing the cover & circulating the pool water is just a start. Having a Bauer Pool Technician treat the water and inspect your pool equipment will help insure you of a fun filled season. We offer various pricing options for those on a budget. 
  • In-ground pool closing: Putting your pool to bed the correct way will save you headaches come spring. We offer various pricing options for this service. 
  • Weekly service available. Let Bauer Pools take care of testing your water, brushing your pool walls and cleaning out those skimmer baskets.
  • Liner Replacements 
  • Safety Covers 
  • Heaters
  • Pool Operations
  • Water Testing
  • Replacement Motors


Losing water?

There may be a tear or puncture in your liner. Our certified diver will dye test your pool and either patch or recommend a liner replacement. This service is offered year-round so you can depend on Bauer Pools, Inc. to give you the best possible service.